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Jungle wellness hotel
Tulum, Mexico

Holistika Tulum is a renowned haven for yoga enthusiasts, situated in the Mayan Jungle. I had the privilege of spending six transformative months within this captivating sanctuary, where I had the honor of crafting their exquisite website, complete with captivating visuals and testimonial videos. Holistika's essence was captured and reflected in the design. Furthermore, I had the pleasure of curating visuals—both pictures and videos—for their vibrant social media platforms, enriching their online presence and engagement.


The journey with Holistika Tulum was a true harmony of creativity and holistic spirit.

wakax hacienda

Luxury wellness hotel
Tulum, Mexico

I was privileged to live amidst the enchanting Mayan Jungle within the embrace of this Hacienda for six months. During my stay, I had the honor of crafting their previous website, infusing it with the essence of the estate's unique charm. Additionally, I curated visually engaging content - ranging from captivating pictures to immersive videos - for their social media platforms, magnifying their online presence. Furthermore, I designed a compelling brochure tailored to showcase the hotel's magnificence for both hotel stays and unforgettable weddings.

The experience at Wakax Hacienda was a celebration of authenticity, creativity, and the holistic essence that infuses every corner of this exceptional paradise."


Wild Dolphin Private Trips

I had the privilege of staying alongside the Red Sea in Egypt for an inspiring five months. Immersed in the beauty of this historic locale, I embarked on a journey that intertwined past and present. Playful dolphins became my companions as I ventured beneath the waves, capturing the essence of this magical encounter through captivating visuals that enriched both the website and social media platforms. As the leader behind the marketing efforts, I infused this life-changing adventure—private boat encounters with wild dolphins—with a sense of wonder and anticipation.

This venture was more than just marketing; it was a testament to the profound transformation and connection that only nature's wonders can inspire."