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A Fusion of Web Design, Visuals, Green Marketing, and Expert Advisement

MANAWA Holistik Virag mancz
Image by Jeremy Bishop
Manawa Holistik

"Now is the moment of power"
- Hawaiian Wisdom -



Our journey began with a vision to harmonize the digital world with holistic principles. We curate strategies that go beyond conventional marketing, resonating with the essence of holistic retreat places, yoga teachers, yoga studios, and high-end hotels.

With over 11 years of dedicated experience, our agency has been at the forefront of web design,

holistic marketing,

content creation.

Our adventure spans the globe and led us to collaborate with holistic retreat places, esteemed yoga teachers, flourishing yoga studios, and prestigious high-end hotels. 

We're channeling our passion for holistic well-being and digital artistry into every project, sculpting immersive online experiences that resonate with your audience. Holistic retreats, yoga, and luxury hospitality are more than businesses – they're journeys of the soul. 

Let our seasoned expertise and global perspective propel your brand to new heights.

Choose MANAWA Holistik and let's co-create a digital presence that embodies the essence of your brand, connecting you with the world in meaningful and transformative ways.

We don't just design websites – we create online sanctuaries that resonate with your audience's soul.

Why Us?
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At the heart of MANAWA Holistik is Virag Mancz, a seasoned globetrotter whose journey has been as diverse as it has been inspiring.

Formerly a ballerina, her artistic grace and Milan-studied fashion sensibilities infuse a unique flair into her holistic approach. Her adventures have taken her far and wide, gracing her with opportunities to collaborate with remarkable destinations worldwide.

Her attention to detail, honed organizational finesse, and cultivated aesthetic sense mirror her journey through the world's captivating corners.

Virag orchestrated captivating marketing campaigns for an exhilarating wild dolphin swim expedition in Egypt, breathed life into a renowned yoga studio nestled in the heart of Hawaii, played a pivotal role in the launch of a transformative holistic retreat in the enchanting Seychelles Islands, and etched unforgettable memories with a remarkable marketing endeavor for a chain of luxurious hotels in Italy.

Her journey is more than a series of destinations; it's an odyssey of learning, growth, and connection. Now, the essence of her voyage infuses MANAWA Holistik. With Virag's unique blend  of experiences – from the elegance of dance to the precision of design – our agency embodies a holistic approach that marries artistry with strategy.

Join us on this journey as we transform your aspirations into digital realities, guided by the spirit of exploration, artistry, and holistic wisdom.

About Us



Discover HOLISTIC Web Design – where aesthetics meet mindfulness.

We create digital spaces that breathe harmony, blending captivating visuals with mindful functionality.

Elevate your brand with websites that resonate on a deeper level.


A transformative approach that harmoniously integrates every facet of your brand into a unified strategy. By encompassing all dimensions of your business, from mindful customer engagement to ethical messaging, we aid you in establishing a more profound bond with your audience. 


Our creations transcend the visual, resonating with purpose and mindfulness.

From captivating imagery to thought-provoking design, we craft content that engages hearts and minds. Elevate your brand with visual stories that inspire  and connect on a mindful level.


You will be directed to MANAWA Design's website which is an integral part of our brand.

MANAWA Holistik design


Transcending Boundaries

Our portfolio doesn't just showcase projects; it tells the tales of collaborations that have traversed continents. From sunrises over the Pacific to sunsets over the Mediterranean, our work has left footprints across the world.

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